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Harden not your Heart

The WORD today (see reminds me that I should not harden my heart for Christ. 

They say that a person decides wether to accept God or not. God will always be there to call us and welcome us. He calls each and everyone of us. However, the decision to accept him is ours to make. The decision to welcome him or to harden our hearts towards him is a decision that is ours to make. 

Christ wants us to follow him wholeheartedly, if we don’t, it’s like not following him at all. Both the first reading and the psalm reminds us not to harden our hearts to God. Welcoming God brings great rewards. Welcoming God brings peace. Welcoming God brings healing. We are asked to listen and her God’s voice calling us, and are encouraged to allow him to be God in our lives.

We see in the gospel the effect of this. The leper was healed not just because of God’s love and power. Yes, God can and will heal us. However, we need to do our part. We need to believe in him. …
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He Can Relate

The WORD today (see reminds me that Jesus can relate to what I am feeling. 

They say that those who have been where you are can help you a lot. For example, former drug dependents or alcoholics can greatly help those who are currently in that situation. Older students who have experienced and went through the struggles and challenges of current students can not only help, but inspire them. They know how it felt, and more importantly, they have overcome the situation, which makes their help or advice more valuable. This is similar to what Jesus can give us. 

Jesus knows what you are feeling. He can relate to you. Trust Him. 

Jesus is the son of God. But he became man not so he can relate to us, but so that we can relate to Him. He is human like us. He felt hunger. He felt pain. He felt weariness. He felt anxiety. He felt temptations. Yes, he was tempted. And he is like us in all aspects - except sin. This is why he knows what we are going th…

More than Just Knowing

The WORD today (see reminds me that it is not enough to just merely know God. 

In this world, connections are powerful. Knowing a high ranking law enforcement officer or a government official can sometimes get people out of some problems in traffic and maybe even bigger ones. Knowing top executives in companies may guarantee a high position or business deals. This works in the world, but not with God. 

What works in this world do not always work with God. 

In the gospel, we see Jesus proclaiming God’s word. He was teaching in the synagogue. That time, the people still did not know who Jesus was. However, someone knew. We see that the demon inside the man knew who Jesus was. He proclaimed it. He told people about it. But Jesus was not pleased with it, and instead told the demon to be quiet and come out of the person.

Merely knowing Jesus is not enough.

Jesus knew the intention of the demon for telling who he really was – to disrupt his work in…

Follow Agad

The WORD today (see reminds me that I should immediately follow God when he calls me. 

People react differently when summoned. Whatever the situation is, wether it is a superior calling regarding work, or your parents telling you to do something, the reaction differs. Some would take their time and wait until the person is mad before heeding the call. Others wait two to three times of being called before following. While others follow and respond to at once. This is similar to how we react with our faith. And God reminds us to respond and follow immediately. 

We should immediately respond and follow when God calls us. 

In the gospel, we see Jesus calling Peter, Andrew, James and John – the first four apostles, and Jesus’ closest ones. They all immediately said yes to him when he called them. No questions asked. It might be hard to imagine this. They were fishermen, what do they know about being fishers of men? But when Jesus called them, th…

Fresh Start

The WORD today (see reminds me that God gives us a fresh start to do things right. 

The new year brings something that a lot of people make the most of – a fresh start. Yes, it’s true that we can start or end things everyday, there is a psychological difference if we do it on a new year. A lot of people make resolutions, a lot quit a bad habit, a lot start good ones, and a lot make the most out of the opportunity to do something new, to do something fresh. A new year, a fresh start. This is what Jesus’ baptism reminds us.

Jesus baptism ushers in a new chapter of his life. It ushered in the start of his public ministry – his doing and preaching God’s message to others. His initial preparation is done. It’s a new chapter, It’s a new start for Jesus. And we are reminded today that we too are given this opportunity by God to start things new, to do things right, to get right with him.
As Jesus was being baptized, God’s voice was heard. “You are…

Point to Him

The WORD today (see reminds me that we should always be pointing our lives to Christ.

Everyone loves God. Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to be accomplished. Everyone wants to be respected and looked upon highly. We pray to God for worldly success and accomplishments, however, when we actually get these, some forget who gave us these things in the first place. Some get too engrossed by their achievements or by the praises of other people that they forget who got them there in the first place.

God loves us and wants the best for us, but we should not forget him when things are going so well in our lives.

In the gospel we see who did not forget God. John had a lot of followers already. He got the respect of people. But he did not let these things get on his head. He did not forget his mission in life and why he was doing things in the first place. And when told about a man who might be challenging his popularity and followers,…

Complete Healing

The WORD today (see reminds me that God gives us complete healing.

The first reading tells us that victors are the ones who believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Looks weird at first glance. Why would believing in Jesus as the Son of God make one a victor? Well, we see that this is true through the gospel. We see an example of this in the gospel. 

During the time of Jesus, lepers were considered outcasts in society. They were unclean, and they were not allowed to mingle with people, so as not to make others unclean as well. Thus, they lived alone and away from the city and the people. This is where the man in the gospel is coming from. We see how desperate he was – when he kneeled and begged Jesus to clean him. He believed in Jesus as the Son of God. He believed in the power and ability of Jesus. Jesus did heal him, and gave him more.

God is so generous and loving that he gives us more than we ask for.

The man asked to be made clean, but Jes…