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Do Not Forget

The WORD today (see reminds me that I should not forget everything God has done for me. 

Human beings have limited memory. They say that we only use a very small percentage of our brain. That is why we don’t get to retain all the information and knowledge we come across. However,  there are things that we should never forget – like the goodness of God in our lives.

In the first reading, we see the people complaining to God and Moses. They focused on their current situation and seemingly forgot all the good God has done to them. They forgot the miracles and all the help God has given them and just focused on their current concerns, on their wants. They want God to give them their demands, to make their lives comfortable – as if God was at their disposal. This made God punish them, and when they eventually came to their senses, God told Moses how to save the people.

Hindi dapat kalimutan ang lahat ng nagawa ng Diyos para sa iyo. 

A lot of times, w…
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Silent Worker

The WORD today (see reminds me that it is okay to be a silent worker for God. 

Today, we celebrate the feast day of St Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus and the husband of Mama Mary. Little is known about him – but we know he had an important role in the salvation history. He was there to help, support and care for Mama Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus. He was the earthly father who took care of Jesus as an infant, and probably taught him carpentry. We cannot deny he was a true follower of God. In today’s reading, we see him having the decency and righteousness not to want Mary to be exposed to shame for being pregnant without a husband. We also see his faith and obedience in God - when the angel told him to take Mary into his home, he followed.
God does not need grand gestures for him to know that we love him.

As human beings, it is very difficult to be like St Joseph. It is difficult to work silently for the Lord – people want to be pr…

Nothing is Impossible

The WORD today (see reminds me that nothing is impossible with God. 

A few years back, Adidas used the tagline Impossible is Nothing. It was a very inspirational and motivational campaign, reminding people that anything is possible. Reminding us that records and human limitations are meant to be broken. Reminding us that we can do great things. And in the way this is true for worldly things, this is true in the spiritual realm as well. 

Nothing is impossible with God. 

Matthew 19:26 says that all things are possible with God. In other words, nothing is impossible with God. In the gospel, we see that this is true. Lazarus died. He has been buried for four days. However, Jesus power is greater than death. Time, space and logic cannot limit God's power. Even after 4 days, God brought Lazarus back to life. Even after 4 days, there was no smell and he came out alive from the tomb. 

Nothing can limit God's power. 

No matter what we are g…

Call on God

The WORD today (see reminds me that God wants me to call on Him. 

There was a popular movie in the 90’s with the tagline: “Who you ‘gonna caaaaall….?” If you watched the movie, you probably know the answer – Ghostbusters! They were the only group of people called when there were ghosts and monsters. They were the first, and only group people called during times of need. And the way people remember this movie, God also wants us to remember this in real life.

God wants us to call on him and just trust in Him.

In the first reading, we see Jeremiah calling on God to save him from those who plot evil on him. He called on God and is faithful to God. He knows the evil plan of people but he still continued to serve God. He knows God will come to his rescue and not just protect him, but punish those who seek to harm him. The psalmist echoes this as he takes his refuge in God while faced with challenges and evil. In the gospel, we see how the chief pries…

God’s Time

The WORD today (see reminds me that God’s time will always prevail. 

Imet a lady who worked for Development Organizations. She used to work for an International Agency and got assignments in different parts of the country, dangerous parts of the country. She told me she escaped several harmful events such as bombings, shootings, and even kidnapping. Some of her colleagues were affected, but not her. She always escaped such situations. This reminded me how powerful God's timing is. 

No matter what situation you are in, God's plans and his time will still prevail. 

In the gospel today, we see that the Jews were already trying to arrest Jesus. However, Jesus was still speaking openly snd can be seen in public but no one arrested him. Why? Because it was not yet time.

So they tried to arrest him,
but no one laid a hand upon him,  because his hour had not yet come.

Before, I used to think why Judas had to lead them to Jesus. They all knew who Je…

Pray For Others

The WORD today (see reminds me that I should always pray for others as well.

There are people who request prayers from others. Some feel that other people are more mature in faith. Others feel that the prayers of others are stronger. Others simply ask for help in praying. We may think this is unnecessary or useless, but the first reading tells us otherwise. 

Praying for others can be powerful. 

In the first reading, we see how great an intercessor Moses was. God relented of the punishment he wanted to inflict on the stubborn people. The people most probably did not know what God was planning to do, and how Moses interceed, or came in between God and them. Moses prayed to God on their behalf, and because of God’s good relationship with Moses, God changed his mind. 

Yes, it may be because Moses was special. It may be because Moses had a great and personal relationship with God, that's why God listened. But I believe that in our own little way,…