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The WORD today (See reminds me that I should always be ready to meet God. 
It’s ironic that all of us want to go to heaven, but we don’t want to talk about death. We don't want to die. However, death is real, and everyone will have do experience it to go to heaven. That is why it is important to prepare for is while we are still alive.
Gird you loins and light your lamps.
In the gospel, Jesus said that the servants should gird their loins and light their lamp. Girding the loin in those days meant to be ready for battle, or to simply be ready. And a servant who has a lighted lamp as he waits for the master’s return means that servant is ready, and awake. That’s how we should be. That’s how we should live our lives. Ready. Ready to meet him. 

How can we be ready?

We do a lot of things. We pray, that’s good. We go to mass on Sundays and if we have time, probably more than once a week. We read the bible. We confess. We help others with what we h…
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The WORD today reminds me that it is foolish to focus on things of the world. 
I used to play Shadow Fight 2 on my phone. The game, though action type, requires energy for you to fight. You also need coins so you can upgrade your weapons and armor. Coins are earned by fighting small battles. One time, I badly wanted to defeat the big boss of the level so I fought consecutive battles to win coins so I can upgrade my weapons and armor. I was happy because I had enough coins to get upgrades, so the fight would be relatively easy. However, in the middle of the battle, the game suddenly shut down. Hassle. When I restarted the game, not only was my progress not saved, but my coins were lost as well! Super hassle! 

That is something I don’t want to happen in life, and Jesus reminds us in the gospel today not to let that happen, especially with our spiritual life. we should not be too focused on material things, and being too complacent as we forget important things in life. 

It is foolish to …

Not An Excuse

The WORD today (see reminds me that following and serving God do not have exempt me from other responsibilities in life. 
I had friends in college who were very keen on spiritual activities. They were doing bible study sessions multiple times a week, which would extend until late at night. This is something good, yearning for God and wanting to spend time with people knowing more about him and talking about him. however, some of their classmates were telling me that these people became remiss in their responsibility for school – not doing their part on group projects and not being 100% in class because they sleep late at nigh due to bible study sessions. It was sad that their actions do not reflect a good testament to the faith.

Following God does not exempt us from other rules and responsibilities in life. 
In the gospel, Jesus tells us that he expects us to give to Caesar what is due Caesar, and to God what is God’s. We cannot serve the coun…

Faithful Forever

The WORD today (see reminds me that God will always be faithful. 
In the first reading, God made a covenant to Abraham. God told Abraham that he will be the father of nations, that he will have a lot of descendants. This was not too easy for Abraham to believe. Why? Because when this happened, he was ninety-nine years old! To be told that he will be the father of nations was probably something he would not take seriously. However, Abraham had great faith – greater than the negative circumstances around him. He hoped against hope and trusted in God.

Good thing God really keeps his word!
We know that God kept his word and made a great nation from Abraham. God saw his faith and rewarded it. 
God keeps our covenant to us. He will keep his word – that he will take care of us, that he has great plans for us, that he will protect us, that he will love us. No matter what we are facing right now, God’s covenant still holds true. 

However, we need to kee…