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Hardened Heart

The WORD today (see reminds me that there are a lot of consequences for having a hardened heart towards God. 
Divorce is a sensitive topic. Currently, the Philippines is one of the few countries who still do not allow divorce. We see in the gospel that divorce, even in the time of Jesus and Moses, was a sensitive topic. However, when Jesus explained that divorce should not be allowed, he also mentioned that not everyone would be able to understand it.
Maybe in this particular situation, Jesus was referring to the teaching about divorce or the vocation of married life – that not everyone is for it, that not everyone can accept it. However, I believe that this is true in other aspects of our faith as well. Not everyone can accept it.
Not everyone accept God's teachings. 

There are a lot of things hard to accept. It is hard to accept that we should surrender our lives to God and die of ourselves because we want to be in control of our lives, …
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Pay Forward

The WORD today (see reminds me that I should pay forward whatever I receive from God. 
Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do. When we get hurt, we usually want to even the score and hurt others the way they have hurt us. This is probably why Peter asked Jesus in the gospel how many times God wants them to forrgive. Syempre, pag paulit ulit, nakakainis. We want to set a limit, seven is a very generous number. When one reaches that limit, we want to be assured that it’s okay not to forgive anymore. We want affirmation from God that we have done our part already - similar to the affirmation wanted by the man who asked Jesus how to get eternal life. But Jesus told Peter that they should forgive not seven, but seventy-seven times. In essence, God wants us to always forgive. He then illustrated it by a story, telling and reminding us that we should forgive others just as God the Father forgives us for all the sins we commit. 

God wants us to pay h…

Fraternal Correction

The WORD today reminds me that correction should be founded in love. 
One should confront not to blame or find fault, but to heal and improve.
This should be our attitude when we confront others. We should not confront or find fault to humiliate others, or to show that we are better than them. We should confront to show love. To help others improve and be better. This is what God wants us to do, and this is how he wants us to deal with others.

It is easy to find fault in others. And if there is hate, or bitterness towards the person, it is easy to broadcast the fault in the person. Some can disguise it as concern, but it actually can be done in bad faith. It is easy to call out the mistake, especially when there are other people witnessing. However, this should not be done as we relate to others.
Correction should be founded on love.

The gospel shows us the anchor verse on fraternal correction. This is how correction or confrontation should be done. In secret first – bring it to the att…

Lifted High

As we celebrate Mama Mary's Assumption into heaven, the WORD today reminds me how God loves to lift up the humble.
Humility is not thinking of less of yourself. It is thinking of yourself less.

God loves each and every one of us. All of us are fearfully and wonderfully made- into the image and likeness of God. This is why there is no reason for us to think less of ourselves. There is no reason to look down on ourselves. However, we are called to be humble - to think of ourselves less, to think of our desiresand comfort less, and think of others, and most especially God more.

Mary did not have it easy. From the start, she made a bold leap of faith. She surrenderedto God even if saying yes to be the mother of Jesus is not going to be easy. This shows her humility - dying of herselfand stepping out of her comfort zone as she serves God, as she surrenders to God. In the gospel we see her serving Elizabeth despite her situation. Even if Mary was pregnant, she travelled to serve Elizabeth.…